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Binsat Holding  Inc.

It is our roof company that we combine under a single corporate organizational structure of our different companies in the service sector, providing employment to about 9000 employees. Security, cleaning, Airport support services, electronic security services, smart building automation, facilities management, insurance, automotive, logistics, spa, Washer, gas stations activities such as professional and experienced staff in the management of this structure is created by our company with quality and customer-oriented service approach that is rooted preferred by the public and private sector for 20 years with the company.

Binsat Group Investment Consulting Inc.

It is our company that has established for airport support services and provides cleaning, automotive, auto sales and Service, Logistics, Cargo, valet, washing, rent-a-car acceptance services and insurance services exclusively to Istanbul airport with its 1500 employees.

Our company provides auto sales and maintenance services to Renault-Dacia sales and Authorized Service and Bosch Car Services within the Istanbul airport campus within automotive services.

Binsat Protection and Security

In the public and private sector within the framework of the Law No. 5188 private security private security services exclusively, in the field of electronic security and the Ministry of internal affairs of intelligent building automation systems cyber security, including serves, and this structure in the industry, with its distinctive technology is offering hizmetele mainly from other companies is our company.

Yavuz Security

It is our long-established and preferred company that provides private security services to all public institutions and organizations, including State-Owned Enterprises and Municipal Enterprises, Ministries, for more than 20 years.

Maya Social Services

It is our well-established company that has been providing cleaning services and service management, especially to the public sector, for many years.

  • Contract Management
  • Financial Services and Budget Management
  • Logistics Management
  • Legal Affairs Management
  • Rental Management
  • Consulting Service
  • Energy Management
  • Technical Operation and Maintenance-Repair
  • Installation and Operation of Electronic Security Systems
  • Installation and Operation of Cleaning and Environmental Maintenance Systems
  • Social Facility Management
  • Administrative Process Management
  • Reception Services
Mina Social Services

It is our company that produces services by staffing public and private banks for cleaning, catering and specific services.

Mina Nur Tourism

It is our company that operates in the tourism sector, especially organizing Hajj - Umrah and other travel organizations.

Binsat Insurance

It is our complaint that provides insurance services to institutions, organizations and individuals within the scope of elementary, liability and auto accident insurance.

Ateşşahin Petrol

It is our company that operates fuel stations.